A text initially intended as an introduction to the work Guide To Life: III(B).2 Daily Affirmations for Artists.

The following slogans have been specially devised to aid and guide the artist through the struggles attendant on the creative life.

There are seven affirmations, one for each day of the week.

Each affirmation should be read on the moment of waking and again in the peaceful moments before sleep.
In these places of half-sleeping, when the mind has been temporarily released from the constraints and worries of life, we are most susceptible to the positive energies of new ideas.

A different affirmation is read each day so that the cycle is repeated each week.
Experience has shown that all seven affirmations are necessary to provide a peaceful and unified whole. Do follow your heart in this however, and if one affirmation speaks strongly to you or represents an area of particular personal difficulty then it is often better to repeat this affirmation until you feel really ready to move on.

It is our hope that after a short time all seven affirmations will be old and trusted friends accompanying you into an ever more productive creative future.