The constancy of my longing unnerves and depletes me.
The constancy of my longing depletes my nervousness.
The constancy of my nervousness depletes my longing.
My constant nervousness longs for depletion.
My constancy depletes my nervous longing.
The constancy of my depletion I long for nervously.
I long for constant nervous depletion.
I long for constantly depleting nervousness.
My longing for enervation depletes my constancy.
My prolonged nervousness constantly depletes me.
I long for depletion of constant nervousness.
My longing depletes and unnerves me constantly.
My nervous depletion of longing is constant.
My enervation depletes my constant longing.
I nervously long for depletion of constancy.
My nervous longing constantly depletes me.
My nervous constancy depletes my longing.
My enervation constantly prolongs my depletion.
The depletion of constancy I nervously long for.
My depleting constancy prolongs my nervousness.
My depleting longing constantly unnerves me.
My depletion prolongs my nervous constancy.
My depleting enervation prolongs my constancy.
The depletion of nervousness I constantly long for.